Send notes that will self-destruct after being read.

What makes us special?

A few words about us

Secret is an open source tool made by privacy freaks for privacy freaks, letting you send encrypted notes that will be self-destruct after being read.

Notes are stored encrypted on our servers and can only be accessed using the decryption key, which is binded to the shareable note URL. Secret does not have the link, at no time is any note held in any readable format state at Secret. This assures that nobody (including Secret's administrators) can read a note. When a note is retrieved, its data is completely removed from Secret; there is absolutely no way to recover it again.

Secret sysadmin team will do as much as possible to protect the site against unauthorized access, modification or destruction of the data. But, even if someone or something could manage to gain access to the database, they would be unable to read the notes since their contents are encrypted and can't be decrypted without the links which Secret never has a hold of.

How does it work?

A few words about the process


Write down your note and click the "store nore" button.


A private encryption key is generated and your secret note is encrypted while in the browser, before hitting our servers endpoint.


The encrypted note itself is sent to our servers securly and you recieve a shareable link containing the decryption key.


Once your note is read it will be sent right to the note graveyard, completly un-recoverable!